My granddad gave me my nickname on a young age because I was so tiny and running around with 8 months old with no single hair on my head, I looked like a little doll with my cute earrings. In Dutch Pop means doll, and that’s where the name was born, hello, my name is Poppy!

26, born in the Netherlands, still living in my hometown also known as Lelystad, last name Koning, means King in English, just putting it out there. That’s also the reason why I kept my nickname in Dutch, so it matches perfectly with me and my brand. Some like to shorten my name Poppy to Pop, but I listen to both.

About Poppy Koning

2018, you’ve been wild so far. In the beginning of 2018 I gave up all three of my jobs as a makeup blogger and YouTuber to become a full time artist. Besides doing makeup I was specialized in the gore section, because who doesn’t love special effects makeup? And who doesn’t love a little bit of blood.

Speaking of blood, one of my signatures. Red, bloody red, aged blood red, dark red, another red shade with a slight sparkle in there, what about the red with the intensity it’ll hurt your eyes? Yes, I’ve got them all. The vibrant color, the way it dances around on the canvas, mix itself with other colors, it’s absolutely mesmerizing. What can I say? I just love blood.

Back to the art, because that is what this is all about. I’ve always been busy with acrylics, pallet knifes and canvases from the age of 11, but it took me awhile until I got in contact with fluid art. In the Summer of 2017 I thin down my paints with water to try out a different technique to recreate the smoke effects and before I knew it, I was hooked on something that I didn’t knew already existed and later I discovered the name of this amazing technique called acrylic pouring.

About Poppy Koning

From there, things started to happened really fast. Before I knew it I attended my first art exhibition in October 2017 at the Kubus in Lelystad, sold my first paintings, but also my pendants and alcohol ink items, but the major break through came when I notice how I could transfer my thoughts on to a canvas. Easing the mind by putting my emotions in a painting and selling a story, my story. I found a way to expres myself through art and that has been the best feeling in the whole wide world.

Besides selling my art, I’m also teaching through my online art classes on Skillshare where I share my deepest art secrets when it comes to creating my artwork, my famous acrylic pouring recipe, what products and brands I use, but the most important thing, teaching how you can get started as well!

Aaaand, I didn’t quit blogging just yet. I’m keeping an art diary on Patreonfor the ones that love to hear me rant about things behind the scenes, the little happy accidents, but also perfect for you if you’re interested in more background information about my paintings. I go into full detail about most of them, like the backstory of “HEROIN”, the message behind the “Power of Love” or get access to the sneak peeks from the first paintings for my debut exhibition, my thought process and much, much, much more behind the scenes.. it’s juicy and personal.

“Sometimes haters are just confused lovers.”– Poppy Koning

I’ll see you around.

x Poppy

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