‘We all have these fun memories but what if you don’t remember them? Years went by, the more went by, the more I started to forget. Full on blackouts, forgetting my own name, the year I was living in, thinking it was still early 2000 and only trying to survive from day to day. That’s what panic attacks, anxiety and being in survival mode does did to my mind. I forgot even how to utilize the simplest tools which I’ve been using for years. It was so confronting. The more I worried, the worst it got. It took me quite some time to break through the fog but when I did, improvement showed up. My mind has never been this clear, this organized, this calm and there’s so much clarity. I’m thankful for the journey and the work I put in, it paid off and I’m thankful for my great memory and I’m great at remembering things!’ – Poppy Koning

– acrylic pour painting🔴 Sold