AUDIO COURSE: How To journal about your mental health

I was running around in anxious circles without even knowing what was going on and one day I was so fed up with everything, I decided to follow up the advice I have gotten from my Mom and started with keeping a journal, just to see if I could notice what made me so anxious. Little did I know that this would be the key in me overcoming my anxiety. Not only did I learned a lot about my toxic behaviors, unhealthy patterns that I kept pursuing because I didn’t knew I had them, but also about my anxiety itself, how to notice the triggers, how to prevent them next time or make it easier for myself and I learned a lot about myself. A lot.

Since the launch of my first solo collection in April 2019 called ‘REDRUM‘ I’m talking regularly about my mental health on my Instagram. I spoke about journaling + keeping up with my mental health and I received so many questions about it. The main questions where ‘how do you start with journaling’ and ‘how to journal about your mental health’ Because journaling helped me so much, I want to share how I journal with you and maybe it helps you the same it did for me!

In this audio course I talk about how you can start out journaling in general + examples, but also how you can journal about your mental health including bad days, how I journal about my mental health, I talk triggers, how to write about them, how I write about them, I read a couple pages from my journals in the beginning, around 6 months of journaling and from 2019 + I included a day where I talk about my latest intense panic attack. I show you how I write about it, what I take with me from the anxious events and in the last audio I journal with you together. I take you with me to give you an idea how you can start and also how you can journal when you’re doing mentally good and want to keep up with your mental health.

*Trigger warning*: I do talk about mental health, anxiety and triggers. I go into detail about it and I want to give you a heads up before you purchase or start the course.

What will you learn in this audio course?
1. How to journal in general
2. How to journal about your mental health
3. How you can work on your triggers
4. How to reflect on your mental health
5. The duration of the online audio course is 48 minutes