When it comes to “Silva” it was just a try out that turned out dope, got inspired by the name of David Silva, also known as David Anthony Silva Jr. I’m a sucker for crime, love ID TV, Discovery channel, CSI Miami, crime related documentaries and when it comes to documentaries , I adore Louis Theroux.

He visited jail quite some time, meeting Silva and when Louis asked if he could make a life in there, because he’s sentenced for 521 years in jail and then another 11 life sentences. He answered:

“You can make a life as comfortable as it can get in here, if you put your mind to it. As far as, it’s a sad way to look at it, but in reality it makes you more sane to see it as I’m always gonna have food, I’m always gonna have shelter, I ain’t gotta worry about the stresses of losing my job, I ain’t gotta worry about none of that type of stuff no more, I’m gonna be taken care of until I die. I can look at it that way and try to ignore the other things in life as far as, all the things that make you smile, like riding a boat in the water, all the little things in life. As long as that don’t exist to me, I’m here, it won’t bug me. Unless I want to torture my mind.” 

Name: Silva
Size: 12 x 10 inches (=30 x 24 cm)
Material: fluid acrylics on canvas

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